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"Creating a School of Readers, Writers, Scientists, and Mathematicians"

Mission Statement

Race to Success

We, the stakeholders of Natural Bridge Elementary School, commit to providing reflective instructional practices, illustrated through cross curricular opportunites and research based effective teaching strategies that empower all stakeholders.

Utilizing all current and evolving media, coaching, mentoring and effective approaches, we ensure all learners will become literate, proactive and responsible members of the communiity.

Vision Statement

The vision of Natural Bridge Elementary School community is for all stakeholders to become active participants in lifelong learning at the highest standards of rigor, utilizing proactive analytical and collaboarative approaches to problem solving, while nurturing the individual needs and differences of all school community members.

This Week's Events

May 18 Field Day Grades 2 and 4
May 20 Career Day and Truck Day
May 22 Pre-K Promotion Activity, 5th Grade Concert


May 19 Field Day Grades 3 and 5
May 21 PTA Meeting


This Year's Theme - Racing to Success

Frank McBride, Principal

Mr. Frank MacBride
Principal's Message

Dr. Josee Gregoire, Assistant Principal

Dr. Josee Gregoire
Assistant Principal's Message

Directors to Natural Bridge Elementary School

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